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Jute Soap Sack is perfect for exfoliating and softening the skin. Slip in your favourite soap and let the all-natural plant fibres of jute exfoliate and smooth your skin. Hang to dry.

The Ramie Exfoliating Soap Sack effectively exfoliates dead surface skin cells and will leave your skin soft and glowing. The Ramie fabric does not shrink, and it is resistant to bacteria and mildew, which means it does not rot quickly.

Sisal Soap Sack... beautifully exfoliating and softening, and will leave your skin soft and glowing.

Help lengthen the life of your soap with

Tuck your bar of soap into a Soap Sack Gently rub the body using circular motions. Rinse well, towel dry and apply your favourite Jaydancin Face & Body Lotion or Body Butter!