About Us

Jaydancin was created and founded in 2004 by Vickie Balazs, a modern day pioneer in leading the way with purpose and passion to inspire and make a difference in people’s lives and to truly have meaning.

The name JAYDANCIN evolved from her family who enrich and continually inspire her to serve with grace and love. Their names magically came together to form the name JAYDANCIN.  Children Jason and Cindy, grandson Jaydan.

JAYDANCIN is built on Vickie’s personal passion for clean ingredients, the production process, quality and experience for customers.

“Nothing matters more than the quality of our products. While we love to share our story, ultimately the point is not the story, but the effectiveness of the products.”

Having lived off-the-grid for 10 years, as owner and operator of a beautiful wilderness resort, Vickie found an unimaginable appreciation for nature and simple living. This appreciation pours into her completely all organic and natural makeup and skin care line that nourishes, restores and inspires people of all ages, from babies, to athletes, to grandparents.

Ultimately Vickie’s organic garden, and the herbs she gathered to bake fresh bread were the early stages of what would eventually become the development of her JAYDANCIN organic makeup and skin care line and very successful retail store.

As a thriving entrepreneur, mother and grandmother, Vickie enjoys traveling across the country sharing her passion and commitment with people living simple, healthy and inspired lives. She takes great pride in creating the best and purest natural beauty products.

Today JAYDANCIN is a rapidly growing Canadian company that is introducing a new way of thinking of healthy products.

What Is Jaydancin?

All Jaydancin products are created, formulated and packaged  in the newly built 4000 sq ft store location in London, Ontario. Precise detail and care for every single ingredient goes into our products. No added fillers, synthetics or chemicals of any kind are allowed!

The scent of what is being freshly created on any given day will intoxicate you as you enter the store.  Try a warm sample just coming out of the mixer or soap pot that day. Delightful!

All JAYDANCIN products are made in the store location using only organic plants, herbs, botanicals, essential oils, butters and oils such as pumpkin seed oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, flax seed oil. All products are made from scratch, not from a premanufactured base. We are passionate about the ingredients and how we make our products in small batches to ensure that everything is fresh that goes on the shelf. We research every ingredient that goes into our products and choose suppliers who also work with integrity and passion.

Our success is the result of our customer’s experience using our products, spreading their joy and love of what we do, how we do it and why we love to share what we do every single day!

From organic makeup, lotions, creams, scrubs and butters, there is much more to discover, sample and learn at our beautiful new store in Hyde Park in London Ontario.