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We have created a shaving foam that has proven to be a huge hit with our Jaydancin men! And for those with sensitive skin. Many men are prone to razor burn, rosacea and breakouts... all exasperated by commercial shaving products!  For those with the most sensitive skin, this foam offers an excellent option.  Follow with our After Shave Mist, Beard & Facial Oil, or After Shave Lotion.  Your skin will thank you! Also a good option is the 100% Olive Oil Bar Soap.  Excellent for face and body, and even hair, this soap is considered our best bar for shaving.  Another great option!  

Razor Set- Razor, shaving brush, and silver stand. 
Razor Blades- 20 Swedish Stainless Steel 

Ingredients for the Unscented Foam : saponifies oils of organic coconut & sunflower oils.

Ingredients for the Jakes Foam : saponifies oils of organic coconut & sunflower oils, essential oils.

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