rC3 Facial Serum & Cream Set

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Our Top Seller rC3 Serum is made with a unique blend of beautiful oils, naturally high in vitamin C to help promote great skin. As we all know, Vitamin C is so good for the skin! Vitamin C is a heavy-hitter antioxidant and is helpful with collagen production, hyperpigmentation, and skin renewal. This facial serum is a beautiful addition to your self-care regime. It's like a vitamin boost for your beautiful skin! 

Pair this beautiful serum with our most luxurious cream, the rC3 Cream, for an amazing duo, and you've got a fabulous set. Using the same beautiful ingredients, this luxurious cream has been developed to pair perfectly with the rC3 Serum and makes an amazingly creamy and silky moisturizer. Purchase the set and save! Boxed sets or bagged sets are available.  Colours of the bags and bows will vary.  

Improve the health of your skin with this dynamic duo!