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Fresh, Local, Organic & Direct Trade Coffee. Patrick makes delicious coffee! You will find freshly roasted, whole beans here.  Should you need it ground, we will be happy to do it for you.  

Dancin Beans: Our very own blend of coffee!  Super smooth, rich and full-bodied, with lower acidity and delicious flavour!  Our special blend makes for one delicious cup of coffee!

Velvet HammerVery smooth medium dark mix of Guatemalan and Honduran beans. Very low acidity with a rich balanced taste.

Dark & Brewding: A rich dark roast blend of Sumatran, Sidamo and Guatemalan coffees. Full-bodied with a complexity added by the sun-dried Sidamo.

Taste of Danger: A Swiss Water decaf roasted a touch above medium to provide a great flavour that will cleverly convince you into believing it is caffeinated.

Shotgun Romance: A complex combination of 5 different, separately roasted coffees. Designed to be a more traditional Italian style of espresso.

Super F'n Dark: A blend of beans from Sumatra and Guatemala, roasted extra dark for the seriously strong coffee drinker. A huge dark roast taste without bitterness.

Cups of Anarchy!  A dark roast blend of Guatemalan and Colombian coffees, with a hint of African Robusta for an extra caffeine boost. Strong bold flavour with a medium body and a strong finish.

Safe ChoiceA medium hand-roasted blend based on Honduran and Guatemalan coffees. Balanced, full flavour with a gentler roast character.