Truehope Inositol

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Truehope Inositol :

  • helps to reduce anxiety disorders
  • effective for panic attacks
  • promotes sleep
  • effective for anger management
  • proven effective treatment for PCOS
  • proven effective to help regulate menstruation
  • Effective for restless leg syndrome
  • increases insulin sensitivity 

Why Myo-Inositol?

This non-GMO, gluten and additive-free supplement is an effective intervention for stress and anxiety. Inositol plays an important role in healthy cell function.  Inositol helps to fuel healthy nervous system neurotransmitter signaling for mood and mental balance. Clinically tested and proven safe for all ages and genders, including children (taken as directed)

Inositol can reduce physical and mental anxiety symptoms and help you get a more restful sleep


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