Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile tea is a popular ancient herb used to help with many ailments. It is a well-known calmative, relaxing the body. It is helpful for reducing stress in the body and for promoting sleep and reducing anxiety, and depression. Also helpful for digestive issues, gas and bloating, and all-around malaise.  Known to help with pain relief... calming the fire of inflammation down. Chamomile alone is delicious. It pairs beautifully with honey to help soothe and calm whatever ails you!  

Ingredients: Organic Chamomile flowers. 

How to use: General brewing instructions: Add 1 tsp per cup of boiling water. Let steep for 5 minutes or longer. Option: Add honey for a deliciously sweet cup of tea!

 It is recommended to check with your medical practitioner before treating yourself or others before using herbal teas and/or mixing with any medications.

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