Cathy's Kombucha - Small 350ml

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Cathy’s Kombucha is lovingly handcrafted in small batches using an ancient recipe, Mother Culture (SCOBY) and brewing method that was gifted from a Monastery in the Quebec region. Our premium traditional raw Kombucha is fermented in two gallon glass jars to bring you the fresh, clean, refreshing taste we are known for. Our unpasteurized, living food is gently carbonated by nature.

The baby SCOBY’s (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) that will form in the bottle over time indicate our organic enzymes and good bacteria are alive, thriving and of exceptional quality. These “little blessings” are safe to consume, or may be strained if desired. Our fermented luxury loose leaf teas and infused fruits and herbs will nurture your body from the inside out. Anytime is Kombucha time!


Cathy’s Kombucha – Authentic Traditional Kombucha! Our Artisan Kombucha honours the ancient process still used in the monastery today. All batches are made with “Daughter” SCOBY’S from the original “Mother” SCOBY, (gifted from the Monastery). Always small batch brewed in glass, our traditional process creates a naturally carbonated beverage that tastes fresh and alive!


We use pure cane sugar to feed our SCOBY. Our product is RAW (unpasteurized), the way they made it thousands of years ago before refrigerators were invented. Please note: the sugar is not for you – it is for the living micro organisms in our brew! Our Kombucha will continue to consume residual sugars that remain after fermentation. This is what keeps all the good stuff alive! You may be lucky enough to have a baby SCOBY form in the bottle when the sugar is consumed. This is a sign Cathy’s Kombucha is alive and continuing to thrive. Gobble the baby SCOBY down – it’s the good stuff! (You can also put it in your garden or smoothie. I have heard in some cultures they fight over it and in others they reserve it for the elder).

Our premium blends of organic Black, Green and Rooibos looseleaf teas serve as a base for all our offerings. We source teas from various regions known for their quality and use Ethical and Fair Trade whenever possible.

Dried fruits and herbs enhance the natural taste of our premium teas. We source local and organic whenever possible.