Calendula Cream

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Our most luxurious plant infused cream for the face! Calendula Cream is an organic plant infused for use as your day cream, night cream.  We infuse calendula and other herbs to create this amazing cream.  

Our Calendula Lotion is a lighter and more fluid version of the Calendula Cream. Both the Calendula Creams and Lotions are beautifully rich, not greasy, and silky smooth. If you find yourself greasy... you are just using too much! A little goes a long way!

To use: Cream - with spatula, take a very small amount from jar onto fingertips. Gently apply to face. Leave for 2-3 minutes before applying makeup. Lotion: Pump small amount onto fingertips. Gently apply to face. To use as a night cream, apply more liberally to face and neck area.

 Tip: Mix with your foundation or bronzer to create a tinted moisturizer.  So beautiful!