Cafezia Coffee With Herbs

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MEDIUM ROAST BLEND is Cafezia's best selling blend. This medium blend is a true classic, bringing out notes of apples, cashew, and a slight spice. Plus, the herbs give it a silky-smoothness - no bitterness or acidity! Our blend is inspired by New Orleans-style coffee, which is a medium blend mixed with chicory root, which gives the coffee a delicious nutty taste.

DARK ROAST BLEND is smoky, rich and bold, bringing out notes of dark chocolate and toasted caramel.  Plus, its intensity is paired with a velvety-smoothness brought on by the addition of the herbs.

LIGHT ROAST BLEND is bright and bursting with flavours of apricot, citrus, and jasmine. As with all light roasts, this blend has a sparkling feel to it, but it does not taste acidic due to the addition of the herbs.

We stock ground Cafezia Coffees.

 Organic, Fairtrade, Premium Arabica Coffee Infused with Organic Herbs.                                               Wellness in every cup!

227 grams per bag. New Packaging.  Photos will be updated soon.