Rainbow Scrubby

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​The original Rainbow Scrubby™ is the world's best, most versatile scratchless cleaning pad!
Easy to clean - just hang on a dishwasher rack to wash.
The Best Pot Scrubbers Ever!

No smell, no scratches! The Original Rainbow Scrubby™ remains odourless.
Rainbow Scrubbies™ are environmentally friendly and remove most stains and debris with just water.

Kitchen: Stainless steel pots and pans, reran stove tops, ovens, glassware, china, cutlery, shelving, counter tops and stoneware

Sports: Equipment including soccer shoes, golf clubs and balls.

Home & Garden: cleans fresh root veggies, outdoor planters, stakes, garden tools, BBQ racks and grills

Personal: removes dirt and paint from hands and can be used for calloused feet.

Vehicles: removal of bus and debris on windshields, chromed bumpers and wheels

Made in Poland

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