Where do you start when you talk about food? We believe it all starts with the quality of the food that you eat!  At Jaydancin we feature local producers doing amazing things with food.  From Hope Eco Farms, to Plover Mills Organics, to McIntosh Farms, to River Ridge Farms, to Kosuma Bars, Patrick's Beans Coffee, Khaja Granola, Habitual Chocolate, Cathy's Kombucha, Pulp and Press, Moonshine Mama, Nuts for Cheese and Cultured Coconut.  These folks are as passionate about what they are doing as we are about them!  You won't find anything here that has carrageenan, artificial sweeteners or fillers. Gut health is a priority here and we would be happy to share our passion for robust gut health with you anytime. You are what you eat!

Our Marketplace items are available for in-store pick-up and local delivery in London, St. Thomas and Ilderton. 

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