Our Ingredients

We are advocates for pure and natural! We work with local farmers and suppliers who organically grow and harvest, sometimes wild craft, the herbs which we use to make all of our products onsite. The information below provides a quick ‘snap-shot’ of the properties behind the natural ingredients we use in our creams and why we use them. Each ingredient we use acts solely for the maintenance and betterment of the skin – we do not use any type of chemical or synthetic fillers or derivatives of those. Please feel free to ask us about any of our ingredients! Jaydancin takes pride in using fewer ingredients providing a more effective concentration of organic/natural ingredients that work. When you review our list of ingredients you will see how fragile the properties are.  We believe the more one alters a natural product or prolongs its life span, the less effective it will be.

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil is a natural antioxidant, known in many countries around the world to assist in protecting the body against damage cause by those pesky “free radicals”.

Coconut oil does not clog pores and is considered one of the best massage oils. On your skin, this oil is simply amazing! It can assist as a protective barrier against infections such as fungus and yeast that can cause candida, ringworm, athletes foot, thrush, diaper rash to name a few.

This beautiful oil softens and moisturizes your skin, and prevents wrinkling, sagging, and age spots. It promotes a healthy complexion!

Used in our Deep Relief Salve, Face & Body Lotion, Baby Salve, Baby Lotion,  Coco Loco and Deodoroant

Organic Flax Seed Oil

Organic Flax Seed Oil is an emollient, high in essential fatty acids... abundant in omega-3, vitamin E, B vitamins and minerals. It contains the alpha-linoleic acids (ALAs), found in the flaxseed, that help to promote healthy looking skin.

Large, inflamed, itchy patches of eczema, psoriasis and other skin irritations often respond to the EFA’s anti-inflammatory actions and overall skin-soothing properties.

In cases of acne, the EFAs encourage thinning of the oily sebum that clogs pores.

Flax Seed Oil is used in our Healing Cream & Lotion, Plant Aid Cream, Lotion & Salve, Skin Rescue Salve, Lip Rescue.

Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil 

Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil is said to be rich in omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids , EFA’s are good healthy fats! It has a full amino acid spectrum meaning that it provides complete protein and it has a high mineral content. It can be used to nourish the skin and hair due to its high content of proteins and essential fatty acids.

Hemp seed is said to play a preventative role in skin aging and maintaining a healthy moisture balance. It's lipid profile is also very similar to our own skin's balance making it a wonderful compliment to our skin's overall health. Hemp seed oil contributes greatly to the barrier function and appearance of the skin and is known to also have other skin benefits such as relief to irritated skin such as that with acne, minor abrasions, psoriasis and eczema.

Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil used in our Healing Cream & Lotion, Calendula Cream & Lotion, Plant Aid Cream & Lotion, Skin Rescue Salve, Plant Aid Salve, Lip Rescue.

Organic Jojoba Oil

Organic Jojoba Oil is what we use to support a more glowing complexion. Jojoba oil is also rich in vitamin E and closely resembles the sebum of the skin. It is easily absorbed and promotes vibrant radiant skin.

Organic Jojoba Oil is used in our Healing Cream & Lotion, Calendula Cream & Lotion, Bella Boo Baby Lotion & Salve, Jake's Beard & Facial Oil

Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

Organic Pumpkin seed oil is rich in vitamins A, B, D & E; minerals, and proteins.

It has over 60% of unsaturated fatty acids and is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids making it a great oil for all skin types and is especially good in combating fine lines and moisture loss.

Due to its high vitamin and mineral content Pumpkin Seed Oil is considered extremely nourishing and contributes to increased skin health and appearance.

Pumpkin Seed Oil used in our La Dolce Vita Pumpkin Butter,  Calendula Cream & Lotion

Organic Sunflower Oil 

Organic Sunflower oil has high amounts of Vitamins A, B, D and E, minerals, and also has beneficial amounts of lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids.

By all accounts it is a great ingredient for the skin.

Deeply nourishing, Sunflower oil is a wonderful skin conditioner and known to be used in many skin care products for dry and damaged skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Organic Sunflower oil is used in our Healing Cream & Lotion, Calendula Cream & Lotion, Pumpkin Butter

Organic Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Virgin Olive Oil contains a high proportion of vitamin E and fends off so-called free radicals, which are the not-so-good byproducts of metabolism, environmental pollution and sun,  thereby it is said to slow cell ageing.

The oil’s fat composition is said to be very close to that of human skin and therefore, olive oil generally doesn’t cause any allergic reactions.

Olive oil also absorbs quickly and helps lock moisture into the skin providing an end result of soft, smooth skin.

The higher proportion of unsaturated fat and vitamin E in olive oil also works on the outside, particularly on sensitive skin.

Organic Virgin Olive Oil is used in our Deep Relief Salve, All Natural Soaps, and  Organic Liquid Soap.

Organic Shea Butter 

Organic Shea Butter is acclaimed for its protective and emollient properties. It is rich and moisturizing.

Shea Butter is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, helping to soothe skin and relieve itching.  It is a great protector from the damage caused by UV rays and is said to work well for soothing minor skin wounds and irritations.

Organic Shea Butter is used in our Body Butter, Soaps, Pumpkin Butter, Deodorant

Rosemary Essential Oil 

Rosemary essential oil is revitalizing and stimulating. It it is known to be helpful for dry or mature skin, eases lines and wrinkles, burns and wounds. It also assists acne, blemishes or dull and dry skin by fighting bacteria and regulating oil secretions. Rosemary improves circulation and believed to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries and varicose veins. 

Rosemary essential oil helps in mental fatigue and sluggishness by stimulating and strengthening the entire nervous system. Helpful with memory recall.  Great for studying and remembering, Rosemary is believed to enhance mental clarity while aiding alertness and concentration.

Rosemary is used in our Healing Cream & Lotion, Dry Shampoo, All Natural Soap, and Organic Liquid Soap

Essential Oil Of Lavender 

Essential oil of Lavender is most commonly associated with calming of the mind and the skin. It also is known to have antiseptic and analgesic properties which may ease the pain of a burn and prevent infection of the skin.

Lavender has properties that are said to help in promoting not only healthy skin, but a healthy mind too!

Essential oil of Lavender is used in our Calendula Cream & Lotion, Room, Body & Linen Spray, Face & Body Lotion, All Natural Soap, Organic Liquid Soap, Body Powder, Deodorant

Essential Oil Of Spearmint

Essential oil of spearmint has similar properties to peppermint but lighter, and is viewed as an antispasmodic and anti-microbic agent.

Of course, most people will associate it with being a flavouring or scenting agent in foods, beverages, skin and hair care products (where it has a cooling effect by constricting capillaries and helping with bruises and sore joints).

Spearmint is used in many of our products such as All Natural Soap, Lip Balm, Organic Liquid Soap

Essential Oil Of Clove

Essential oil of Clove is an effective agent for minor pains and aches and is helpful when battling flu and colds. It is best known as the pungent and aromatic spice from Indonesia. Traditionally used for many reasons, it is helpful in the maintenance of oral health.

Essential oil of Cloves is used in our Deep Relief Salve, Tooth Powder

Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

Eucalyptus essential oil is well known to assist in skin ailments (burns, blisters, wounds, insect bites, lice, and skin infections), as well as to combat the effects of colds and the flu. There is also a history of Eucalyptus essential oil being applied to sore muscles and joints.

Eucalyptus essential oil used in our Deep Relief Salve.


The Beeswax that we use comes from a local honey producer here in Ontario.

Beeswax has emollient, soothing and softening properties and helps the skin retain moisture. After processing, beeswax remains a biologically active ingredient retaining anti-bacterial properties. It also contains vitamin A, which is essential for human cell development and health.

Throughout time, people have used honey as an antiseptic and for applying to wounds.

Beeswax is used in all of our cream, lotion, lip balm, and Coco Loco.

Pure Filtered Water

Pure Filtered Water is used for all of our herb decoctions and infusions. We use a Berkey Water System.

Aloe Gel

Aloe Gel is reputedly beneficial for hives, insect stings and bites, rashes, sunburn, swelling, skin wrinkles, superficial skin wounds and other skin conditions.

Aloe used in our Calendula Cream & Lotion, Healing Cream & Lotion


The Allheal herb shows to have an antibacterial action, inhibiting the growth of  pseudomonas, such as Bacillus typhi, E. coli, Mycobacterium tuberculi, to name a few, which supports its use as an alternative medicine internally and externally as an antibiotic and for hard to heal wounds and diseases.

Allheal is used in our Healing cream.


Arnica is known in homeopathic medicine to be the top pain-relieving prescription solution to soothe muscle aches, reduce inflammation, and for  wound care.

Arnica is used in our Deep Relief Salve.

Burdock Root 

Burdock root is rich in phytochemicals and powerful flavonoid type antioxidants that are said to be more powerful than vitamin C.

Burdock Root is well known as a blood purifier which can assist in fighting off bacteria and fungus. Historically, the seeds of the burdock plants were compressed to make a mixture that was effective in cleansing the bloodstream, easing pain from arthritis, and helpful for gout, rheumatism, ulcers, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 

Burdock used in our Healing Cream & Lotion


Calendula has been used as herbal medicine for centuries, and the herbal remedies based upon calendula have been known for generations. Traditionally, Calendula has been used in skin care, soothing inflammation, controlling bleeding and assisting with damaged tissue and in cases (internally and externally) where the skin is broken. Calendula has also been known to be helpful for stubborn wounds, ulcers, bed sores, varicose veins and bruises due to its anti-inflammatory and supportive properties. The properties of Calendula have been documented in many studies and it was found that a combination of the lipophilic extracts (oil extracts) and hydrophilic extracts (containing flavonoids and saponins) is said to aid in assisting skin regeneration due to the anti-inflammatory properties.

Calendula is used in our Calendula Cream & Lotion


Cayenne is native to tropical areas of America and is cultivated throughout the world in tropic and subtropic climate zones.

For centuries, cayenne has been known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, diuretic, analgesic, expectorant, and diaphoretic properties.

Cayenne is used for a variety of conditions including chronic pain, shingles, heart disease, sore throats, headaches, high cholesterol levels, poor circulation, and toothache.

Capsaicin in cayenne pepper has very powerful pain-relieving properties when applied to the surface of the skin.

Cayenne used in our Deep Relief Salve.

Devils Claw 

Devils Claw is claimed to possess anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for thousands of years in Africa for fever, rheumatoid arthritis and skin conditions, to name a few.

Devil’s claw works on the joints, increasing flexibility and easing pain. Recent studies also show that devil’s claw may be effective in reducing back pain.

Devils Claw is used in our Deep Relief Salve


Ginger has been well known for centuries for its benefits to human health.

Ginger originated in Asia, and was used widely as both a culinary and a medicinal herb, not only in Asian but Indian and Arabic traditions as well. In the Asian medicine tradition, ginger is considered to possess “hot” or “warming” properties.

Amongst many other attributes, it is believed that ginger is beneficial in  circulatory problems, and is used for migraine headaches and arthritis as well.

Ginger is used in our Deep Relief Salve.


Speedwell has been historically applied topically to assist skin conditions, wounds and other skin abrasions.

Speedwell is used in our Healing Cream & Lotion, Calendula Cream & Lotion

Stinging Nettle 

Stinging Nettle is native to Europe and has been used for hundreds of years to ease muscle pain and soothe minor skin injuries. The old saying goes, "If it's broke, use Nettles!"

As far back as history dates, stinging nettles have been praised for everything from common ailments like cold and sore throat. It’s easy to understand why the herb is so well-established and highly regarded in the world of herbal medicines since nettles are rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, silica, iodine, sodium, sulfur and other elements including tannin, beta-carotene and amino acids. Nettles are also a good source of vitamins C and B complex and it’s fascinating to note that they are said to dish up more protein than any other vegetable. Due to the rich iron content within nettle, it is fantastic in maintaining healthy skin.

Stinging Nettle is one of our favourite plants! Try a Cup of Nettle!

 It is used in our Calendula Cream & Lotion


Yarrow has demonstrated antibacterial and antifungal properties for several of the compounds contained in the herb and is traditionally used externally for these reasons.  

Yarrow is used in our Healing Cream & Lotion