Plant-Aid Hemp Facial Cream

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This rich and luxurious facial moisturizer is perfect for rejuvination, revitalization and hormonal skin.  Use daily as your day & night cream.  Also beneficial for the delicate skin around our eyes. As with all of our creams, a little goes a long way! 

Hemp seed oil has a unique composition, possessing one of the highest fatty acid contents of vegetable oils and is in perfect balance to match our skin's natural oils.  With anti-inflammatory properties, hemp oil is helpful for many types of inflammatory skin conditions. Hormonal skin also benefits from the properties of hemp oil.  Paired with flax and sunflower oils, this trio is a beautiful combination of nature's wisdom, infused with plantain, dandelion and burdock, local beeswax. 35g

This moisturizer, like all of our products, is plant-based and gluten free!