Love Bug & Coco Loco Set

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Enjoy the summer months with our pack featuring Love Bug Spray - All Natural Bug Repellent, Love Bug Soap and Coco Loco - Sun & Wind Care.

Love Bug Spray - All Natural Bug Repellent (120ml)
Bugs are part of our ecosystem that we do not wish to disrupt, yet we want to enjoy the outdoors. Love Bug is created to keep the bugs away safely and effectively, without using any chemicals so that we can continue to enjoy nature without exposure to toxic chemicals. 

Shake & spray to mix the essential oils thoroughly, as we don't use any chemical emulsifiers! Apply liberally as needed. Smells great... works even better! do not spray on young children directly. Safe for dogs and horses. 

Love Bug Soap
Wash with soap and/or dry brush your body with soap bar to help protect your skin from bugs.  Also shave off small bits of soap for in your pocket or socks to help ward off pests. 

Coco Loco - Sun & Wind Care (20gr)
Coco Loco is a whole new way of thinking about sun protection without using chemicals. In keeping with the JAYDANCIN philosophy of back to basics, we have found research by Dr. Fife, that supports coconut oil as being the original sunscreen used by islanders for generations. Based on this theory, we have formulated our own original recipe. 

This new way of thinking is to help protect your skin, not block the sun. Apply liberally to skin as required while in the sun. Makes a wonderful after-sun moisturizer and offers protection from the wind. For best results, gradually build up your resistance to sun exposure using Coco Loco. Use on face, head, lips, and body. Safe for children and babies.

Jaydancin does not encourage or promote being in the sun for extended periods of time. Please use common sense and protect your skin while in the sun, covering up when necessary.


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