Jocelyn's Soil Booster

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Jocelyn's Soil Booster - 800g
  • This all-natural soil amendment feeds diverse healthy microbes to your soil. These Soil Booster microbes immediately start communicating with your plant to deliver on-demand nutrients to the root system, creating positive feedback cycles that support vibrant thriving growth all season long.
  • Diverse healthy microbes in your soil = healthier plants = healthier crops = healthier people
  • The worm castings in Jocelyn's Soil Booster Worm Manure help to rebuild soil structure and act like a sponge that will hold water and regulate moisture levels in the soil, helping to overcome problems associated with inconsistent watering.

Jocelyn's Soil Booster Wood Chips - 2kg

  • A mixture of pine, cedar, and deciduous woodsWood Chips act as a mulch, helping soil retain moisture, which is then slowly released to plants
  • Maintains an even temperature for your plants in warm and cold weather
  • Suppresses weeds and promotes beneficial fungal and microbial growth in your soil as a good source of carbon
  • Our wood chips are organic, contain no coatings or chemicals, and are filtered to eliminate dust and debris
  • Wood chips make a beautiful addition to your indoor plant displays, including terrariums
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