French Clay Facial Masks

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The benefits of French Clays have been enjoyed for centuries by women & men all over the world!  Clays are well known and loved to help soothe & refresh and cleanse & tone our skin.  Clays nourish & replenish essential minerals, promote regeneration of cells, and help to minimize enlarged pores.  
Pink Clay is revered for its soothing & refreshing qualities and is excellent for sensitive or acne prone skin.  Its calming and soothing, helping to reduce redness and bring skin back to balance.  
Green Clay is best known for cleansing & toning the skin, helping to promote a healthy glow.  It is nourishing as well, supporting radiant and smooth skin.
Use them individually, or in combination along with the rC3 Facial Serum to support your skin with a simple and luxurious practice that is not only
good for the skin but good for the soul too!  
How to use these beautiful clays?  Simply add purified water, or use our Rose Mist or Facial Mist for an amazing combination and mix well.  Then add a few drops of rC3 Facial Serum and blend well.  Apply a thin layer... we like to use a fan brush! Allow to dry for 10 minutes and then rinse well with warm water.  Apply your favourite Jaydancin Moisturizer
The Beauty Box includes French Pink & Green Clay, Mask Brush, rC3 Facial Serum and a porcelain dish & mixing spoons.  This is a beautiful Gift Idea!
Want to brighten someone's day?  Tuck in a mask and porcelain dish for a little TLC gift that is sure to please.