Organic Herbal Facial Kit 

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Now is the perfect time to begin fresh and organic! Beautiful basics that are quick, easy and effective! Your skin will thank you! Our customers love this!

Our facial kit is a perfect way to try some of our most popular facial care products, all designed to gently cleanse, moisturize and nourish your skin. Convenient sizes make this kit perfect for travel or 'try me' or gift giving! You choose your moisturizer… Calendula Lotion, Healing Cream Lotion or Plant-Aid Lotion… it’s included.

This kit is a customer favourite and a best value option! The kit contains: Facial Wash, Facial Mist, Ocean Glow Facial Scrub, Sea Green Chlorophyll Facial Mask, Facial Soap, Spatula, your choice of Facial Moisturizer (Calendula Lotion, Healing Cream or Plant Aid Lotion) plus a  bag! Please note that the bag may vary from the photo.