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Holiday Teas are a delicious & festive way to bring in the holidays.  Tea lovers of all kinds love these teas!  Pair with a festive tea infuser for a great gift to enjoy with every cup!

Candy Cane Blend: Candy Cane in a cup?  A delicious blend of Mints & Nettle! Nettle, Peppermint & Spearmint Tea is refreshing & delicious, fortifying and soothing. Nettle helps to support all of our bodily systems.  Peppermint is known to relieve stomach issues and aid in digestion. Spearmint is smooth & refreshing. This Blend can help to relieve nausea, fever, and cough. This delicious tea can assist with sleep, relieve headaches, and reduce bloating all while tasting amazing! This blend is truly a powerhouse! Try it hot for a wonderful cup of tea, or cool it down... it makes a fantastic iced tea too! Add some honey and freeze for delicious popsicles.  Naturally caffeine free. 

Christmas Blend: This cuddle-up tea is like a warm hug in a cup!  A customer favorite year after year, Nettle, Rosehips & Cinnamon Chips combine beautifully to offer a soothing & calming,  aromatic & warming cup of tea.  With just a hint of cinnamon, this tea is soothing too! Beneficial for the body, blood sugar levels, and digestion, this is also a nourishing & fortifying blend.  It does a body good, not to mention the soul! 60g

Yule Tide Spice:  This is an amazing blend of exotic spices & rooibos.  Chia lovers rejoice! This blend has all the gorgeous spicing of a classic chai, with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black & white pepper, clove, nutmeg & star anise.  Add that to the smooth vanilla-like flavouring of premium Rooibos from South Africa and you have an addictive, warming, and relaxing cup of tea.  Not only is it delicious but this tea packs a healthful punch rich in polyphenols, antioxidants & minerals. Naturally caffeine free of course. 40g

Tea & Infuser Gift Packages make a great gift! Package infusers vary. 

 It is recommended to check with your medical practitioner before treating yourself or others before using herbal teas and/or mixing them with any medications.

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