Alpaca Dryer Balls

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Save time, energy and money!  Use these beautiful Alpaca Dryer Balls as a natural, reusable, fabric softener. Add 3 balls to a regular wet laundry load, and 6 balls to a big load to reduce lint, static, wrinkles, dryer time, energy use and household cost.  Dryer balls eliminate the need for toxic, disposable dryer sheets. These dryer balls will not harm your dryer. Safe for sensitive skin.  Lasts over 500 loads. 100% chemical-free. Fairly traded. These alpaca balls are hand-made one by one by skilled Peruvian alpaqueros aka alpaca farmers in collaboration with a community of local artisans. Your purchase generates a stable income for them and their families. 

For added scent, add drops of essential oil on the balls before throwing them into the dryer.  Lavender for bedding... lemongrass for hockey equipment... use your favourites!  

Pair with our KISS All Natural Laundry Soap to "detoxify" your laundry routine.