Abeego Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps

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Enjoy your favorite fresh food whenever you darn well please. Abeego saves like no other.

Abeego Beeswax Wraps keep food fresher for longer! Like a peel or rind, Abeego protects and breathes. It shields food from air, light & moisture creating the perfect environment to extend the life of food.

How to use: 

Wrap | Self-adhesive! squeeze Abeego around every food, cover any dish.

Wash | Faithfully wash in COLD water, with eco-friendly dish soap and a cloth.

Reuse | Multi-use and durable, Abeego lasts a year or longer with good care.

Replace | Relive the magic of a fresh set when your wrap is worn and no longer sticks.

End of Life | Biodegradable and compostable, or used as fire starters for your campfire, bbq or fireplace.

The perfect place to start. Equip your kitchen with a wrap of each size & shape and save everything from slices of citrus to the whole casserole

- 1 x Single Small Square | 7"x7"
- 1 x Single Medium Square | 10"x10"
- 1 x Single Large Square | 13"x13"
- 1 x Single Small Rectangle |  7"x12"
- 1 x Single Medium Rectangle | 10"x18"
- 1 x Single Large Rectangle | 13"x24"

The Firestarter Pack: 

Made exclusively from leftover Abeego reusable food wraps, every shred is given its fullest zero-waste life. Lightweight, water-resistant and burns chemical free. Includes enough to light 10-12 fires. 

Slay wet campfire wood and fire up charcoal barbecues or fireplaces:

- Light the end like a wick or
- Pull strands free, crumple in an airy ball and light it up!