Plover Mills Organic Hydroponic Produce

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Our "Lady Bug" Lettuce!  Hydroponically grown, organic lettuce, fresh to us weekly.  Choose from different varieties... Romaine, Tropicana, Green Butter, Red Butter, Mixed Bistro... stays fresh, enzymes intact.  Taste the difference!  It is amazing. Why "Lady Bug" Lettuce? They use ladybugs to keep the pests down!  Love those Lady Bugs. 

At Plover Mills Produce, they are passionate about good products, exceptional service and positive team spirit. It all began when two people dreamt of starting something completely new. Together, they established Plover Mills Produce, a hydroponics farm dedicated to finding cutting-edge solutions and providing great fresh produce that is locally grown.  They use best organic practices for the highest nutritional value, and with the root ball attached it stays fresh and live up to 3 weeks.

The Mixed Bistro Option is a beautiful and deliscious blend of cut leaves, ready to go!