Naka Pro BP 11+ Probiotic

Naka Pro BP 11+ Probiotic

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11 Bacterial Strains - Broad Spectrum.  60 billion. Plus  200mg L-Glutamine 60 veg caps

Gut flora does not just affect the gut! It is key to our immune system, weight management, skin health and ultimately our ability to absorb nutrients from our foods. Naka Pro PB7 and Pro PB11 capsules are both multi-strain probiotics that also contain L-glutamine. Naka Pro PB7 powder contains all of the probiotic strains found in Pro PB7 capsules, L-Glutamine as well as inulin.

When choosing a probiotic it is important to choose one that has multiple strains as our gut naturally contains hundreds
of strains with affinities for different parts of the intestine and different therapeutic actions. It is also important to make sure you are getting a strong therapeutic dose.  If you are dealing with concerns like Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, chronic yeast infections, recovery from antibiotics as well as some other issues, the dose may need to be adjusted upward.

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