The Beauty of Natural Skincare

By Romaine Connell 

Search any topic on skin care these days, and you are sure to find a wide variety of products and claims for helping to improve this condition or that, one thing or another, and oh yes, anti-aging!  For over 18 years, we have formulated our skincare essentials on the premise that less is more, clean products are absolutely
essential and that beauty begins on the inside. 

Our clients come to us with concerns about reactive skin & sensitive skin. Some are beginning to explore skin care options, while others are at the end of their ropes with what they have tried or been prescribed, and are in full blown distress. Ask any one of us, and we will all talk about the beauty of our soaps. We even have some favourites that we callbeauty bars. We all wash our faces with these beautiful soaps confident that we are not drying out our skin, not adding toxins to our body’s toxic load, and not spending a fortune on something that may be doing more harm than good. By harm, I mean causing reactive skin to react, stripping away our beautiful microbiome, or adding to our body’s already busy detoxification pathways by using toxic, chemically laden, unnatural products. The very products that we are told will help may actually be contributing to skin issues and doing very little to improve the health of our most important skin barrier! Our ‘beauty bars’ are safe for everyone in the family… with options to suit the most sensitive of skin. Organic Goat Milk & Honey, 100% Olive Oil, or a combination of these two are effective in washing away makeup and the dirt of the day. For our customers that prefer a liquid face wash, we offer an Organic Liquid Face Wash. Again simply beautiful and effective.

 All Natural Handmade Soap

The other important basic is a moisturizer. We formulate beautiful plant based infusions, lotions and butters to help moisturize and protect the skin, with the goal of keeping it in balance. These are beautiful plant oils, in unique and purposeful combinations. The plants and oils used in these moisturizers all lend qualities to the blends that are effective and beneficial. Our creams, lotions, and butters are to be used as your day cream, night cream, eye cream and take off your makeup cream. One cream can really do it all. There is no need to buy multiple moisturizers, unless of course you want to! Choosing the right moisturizer is a wonderful exercise in getting back in touch with your skin and its needs, organically. This is the basic dynamic duo … an effective cleanser and a beautiful moisturizer.  What’s not to love about that?

As you may know, we formulate lotions, butters and plant infusions that are our moisturizers, from scratch, with ingredients you would find in your kitchen and can eat! These moisturizers are different from each other in the ingredients that we use and in the way we mix the ingredients together. Butters are deceptively simple in nature but pack a punch in the moisturize category. Not only for the body, they are great for the face too! We like to say they help to trap moisture on the skin. They are especially effective after bath or shower, when our skin is a little damp. Many of our customers love our La Dolce Vita Pumpkin Butter, aka “Dream Cream”. It is our number one selling butter for good reason!  We also offer our Face & Body Lotions.  Here, we blend beautiful ingredients together to form an amazing lotion. We add different essential oils to these beauties. They travel well in the purse or bag, can be used anywhere on the body, and as always … a little goes a long way.  Our third category of moisturizers is Plant Infusions.  These amazing creams and lotions are designed with specific plants and oils to address certain issues, take multiple days to make, and are by far our top facial moisturizers. The creams are thicker and richer, whereas the lotions are more fluid and easy to use.  In this family, we have the Healing Cream and Lotion, Calendula Cream and Lotion, and Plant-aid Lotion.  We are currently working on a new kid on the block… Plant-Aid Cream!  This is going to be the hemp rock star in the family!  How does one choose? We recommend the Healing Cream or Healing Cream Lotion for reactive skin. Our customers that have rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis, itchy skin etc, will use these, not only on their faces but where they need the help to restore and bring back balance. Our most luxurious cream is our Calendula Cream, which we also offer in a lotion as well.  It is rich and creamy, helpful with skin regeneration and repair.  Beautiful for the whole face morning and evening.  Plant-aid Lotion rounds out our offering with a completely locally sustainable and locally sourced hemp based moisturizer.  Suitable for all skin types, this lotion is a gem.  

All Natural Moisturizer

From time to time, during seasonal changes, exceptionally stressful times, or just when you might be wanting some good old TLC, you might feel your skin needs a boost… a boost of brilliance, vitamins and revitalization.  For these times, a serum can be beneficial. Our rC3 Facial Serum is formulated with gorgeous ingredients: oils naturally high in vitamin C & rich in fatty acids, along with frankincense and neroli. Add it to your simple skin routine before your moisturizer, in the evening, when we do our rest and repair, or if you feel you need it, you can use it in the morning too. It absorbs beautifully and helps to prep the skin along with your moisturizer for makeup. Scrubs, masks, toner etc, we offer them all as well, in answer to our customers requests for beautiful clean products, to address some of their skin concerns, but the basic principle still exists… gentle cleanser and great moisturizer!

Wash, tone, scrub, peel, mask… for decades this has been the mantra of the beauty industry, and for decades we have forgotten the wise old wisdom of simply back to balance by helping our skin with clean and simple products on the outside. Let’s not forget the inside out!  A diet rich in antioxidants, the true heroes of anti-aging, represented in the rainbow of colours of fruits and vegetables, adequate hydration with clean filtered water, and making sure that your diet includes good quality oils. Now that’s a great recipe for skin repair, rejuvenation and anti-aging!!

Our mantra is and has always been:  “It’s the thoughts you think, the foods you eat and the life that you live that will translate the best into your beauty routine”.  Natural skincare is more than just using products without chemicals and preservatives, it is also about loving and caring for our skin that does so much for us. Show some love to the skin you are in and you will LOVE your skin. We are here to help you take the guesswork out of choosing what your skin will appreciate the most.  Please ask us!