5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Immunity

As we are keenly aware, a robust immune system is one of the major keys to staying healthy! Our immune system does so much for us, we need to support it too! 

Below are a few tried and true best practices, often forgotten, especially during stressful and busy times, that we can incorporate into our daily lives and are fundamental to our well being. 

1. Hydration

Staying hydrated supports our body on many levels. Proper hydration from a clean water source supports all of our body systems and helps to keep them running optimally. Consider the wonderful practice of hot lemon in filtered warm water in the morning. A simple, yet powerful daily practice that is easily incorporated into a morning routine.

Additionally, teas have been consumed for thousands of years and are an amazing addition to your immunity toolbox. Considered “food” by many, including us, teas are rich in a variety of nutrients and antioxidants, can have subtle medicinal properties and are a great way to stay hydrated. They can be calming and soothing, energizing and vibrant… all in a beautiful cup to be sipped as needed. Herbal, Black, or Green Teas are anything far from boring! Pour your favourite over ice for a refreshing drink when it's hot, freeze your family’s favourite tea for amazing popsicles, or simply wrap your hands around a hot mug to soothe the soul and your tummy.

The teas we blend on-site at Jaydancin are sourced with the best all-natural herbs, certified organic, free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Find a tea to suit you here.

2. Fruits & Vegetables

Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Seasonal whole foods, in their natural form are nutritious and delicious, full of antioxidants and nutrients to help your body get the nutrition that it needs. Leafy greens, beautiful reds, bright yellows and blueberry blue… aim for a variety of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, in their whole food form, and organic if possible. Also consider smoothies or juicing for when you are short on time. Our favourites include Pulp & Press Organic Cold Pressed Juice or Moonshine Mama Elixirs. For another tip, roast veggies in advance for quick grab and go Budda Bowl ingredients or interesting adds to your salad. You are what you eat so it is said, and oh it is so true! The benefits of good nutrition cover you from head to toe. Your mind and body will thank you!

3. Microbiome Support

Support the beautiful microbiome in your gastrointestinal tract. These beneficial bacteria are the seat of our immunity. Eat probiotic rich fermented foods to add beneficial bacteria. A little bit on a regular basis, from a variety of different fermented food and drink sources, will go a long way. Some of our favourite fermented food and drink are sauerkraut, kimchi, Cathy's Kombucha, fermented vegetables & an amazing fermented coconut water, Cultured Coconut. Include prebiotic “fibre” rich foods, such as sweet potatoes, apples, pears, leafy greens, beans and lentils to keep those good bacteria happy on a regular basis. Off the charts!

4. Get Outside

A quick or leisurely walk… the benefits of talking some time outside go beyond the physical benefits of exercise. Walking in nature is amazingly grounding, can reset your nervous system, and give it the time it needs to reboot! Fresh air can be an immediate mood booster. Have you tried the practice of “grounding”? Connect to the earth barefoot and see how it makes you feel. Movement is a key to keeping our bodies and minds healthy. And we all know the benefits of our beautiful sun, and the “sunshine vitamin” on mood and health. Get outside…your body, mind and spirit will benefit!

5. Rest

For the most part, adequate rest gets put on the back burner in our lives when we are stressed and busy getting things done!  Let’s not forget… we need to rest and digest, reset hormones, and help our bodies to repair. Prioritize a healthy routine in the evening for getting enough rest. Some great strategies are calming teas in the evening, limiting blue light exposure, listening to soothing music, or taking an epsom salt bath before bed. Guard the time it takes for you to wind down in the evening. Consider sleep a superpower of yours! It truly is!

Some of Our Favourite Immune Boosting Products!

  1. CanPrev Synergy C
  2. Cathy's Kombucha
  3. Cocoa-Tea Turmeric
  4. Cultured Coconut
  5. Moonshine Mama's Elixir
  6. CanPrev Vitamin D & K2 Drops
  7. CanPrev Mycho10 Mushroom Powder
  8. Harvest Pantry & Green Table Fermented Foods

There are many simple and effective ways to help to keep our immunity strong. Remember, it's our first line of defence for whatever comes our way. Our immunity deserves some TLC too! What are your favourite ways to support your immune system? Let us know how we can help you incorporate these and many other effective lifestyle and health strategies to support a robust and healthy immune system, and a robust and healthy you. Be well. Stay well. Take good care!