8 REasons to choose jaydancin

Jaydancin is the destination in Southern Ontario for organic skin care and makeup products that are affordable, effective and for real.

We Only Sell All Natural Organic Products

All the products sold by Jaydancin are free of questionable, synthetic or potentially toxic ingredients and are completely organic.

All products are made with ingredients from plants, flowers, leaves, wildcrafted herbs and roots specifically selected for their therapeutic benefit to the skin and body. We do not use any dyes or synthetics whatsoever.

All colour in any of the products are derived from the earth such as roots, plants or french clays or minerals. Every ingredient used has a purpose to enrich your skin and support your over all well being.

We Believe Less is More

Our products are different from other “Natural Products” on the market because we believe that less is more. Plain, simple and pure. What makes us truly different from the commercially manufactured products is that we make our own base, meaning we don’t start with a white chemical base and then add the natural ingredients, that is why our creams are not white… our base is from the extracts from the plants we use.

We Evaluate Every Ingredient So You Don’t Have To!

At Jaydancin, every ingredient in every product is tested and evaluated for purity, quality and effectiveness.

Extraordinary Customer Service

Call, email or come visit us at one of our two locations! Contact us anytime. We want to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Sample Size Products

We create small sample sized products so you can test it without investing a lot of money. Just the right size for you to see for yourself how it works on your skin!

Our Products Expire

All of our products are made with fresh ingredients with no chemicals preservatives whatsoever. Think of these products like you think of fresh bread, milk or fresh fruit and vegetables compared to processed or preserved vegetables. The nutrient content is higher in the fresh products but they will expire. They don’t last for years.

Because of the shelf life of the products, we choose to use the smaller package size.

Quality Production Process

Everywhere around us, products are mass produced and packaged quicker than ever. We have developed our products by making small batches at a time. We use organically grown plants, create our own recipes and formulations, package and label each and every jar of cream, soap and bath product in our facility that is on the market today. 

The extra effort and love that is put into each product is rewarded with an ever increasing number of loyal and satisfied clients worldwide.

All our products are hand crafted using quality ingredients. Our mineral makeup does not contain any harmful ingredients such as cornstarch, bismuth, talc which can clog pores and dry out skin.

Absolute Guarantee

What we know for sure is that our products work. We love what we do and we believe we are the best. And so do our customers!. We guarantee our products and stand behind what we say and we walk the talk. If you’re not happy with any item you purchased we’ll replace it or give you your money back.

Jaydancin focuses exclusively on organic ingredients that really work.

Our products are affordable, effective and “for real”

Jaydancin offers a range of organic skin care and makeup products. Our new store location at 1700 Hyde Park Road, London Ontario is the destinations for organic skin care and cosmetics in Ontario, Canada.

We guarantee that all the products available at Jaydancin are free of toxic synthetic ingredients, synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives, and are never tested on animals.

We can help you address many of the common conditions affecting skin and the signs of aging by utilizing multiple non-surgical state-of-the-art technologies that are all completely organic and real.

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