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Kabuki brushs

Kabuki brushes are short brushes with rounded tips, and they are typically made of the softest fibers.

Kabuki brushes originated in Japan with the beauty rituals of early Kabuki and Geisha theaters, and they were originally intended to help contour and define the cheekbone.

Though they may come in different sizes. The most ideal ones fit comfortably in your hand and can be used for the application – not only of your mineral foundation, but also blush and bronzer or any other face colors you may prefer.


Why We Choose This Brush?

Many Kabuki brushes are made especially for mineral makeup application. The wide dome allows for a fabulously smooth sweep of makeup or powder. They consistently distribute the right amount of pigment for beautiful recession contouring. It softly sculpts the face for great effect. Great for use with bronzers. Bronzers are much more natural especially when a Kabuki brush is used.

Some smaller brushes may not work as well for bronzer dustings on the cleavage and shoulders, for instance.

A quality kabuki brings makeup application to a completely different level. They apply your makeup smoothly, contouring in such a way that the skin will look noticeably different when makeup is applied with a Kabuki brush than any other type of brush.


Caring for your brush

Cleaning your brush is easy and should be done regularly to keep bacteria from building up. Pour a small amount of liquid soap onto your brush, hold under the water and swirl in the palm of your hand until the water is clear.

Lay the brush on its side so that the water does not drain into the handle and destroy the glue. When the brush is dry, fluff up in hand and you are ready to go!

Caring for your makeup brushes ensures great makeup application – as well as excellent longevity of your brush. We use our brushes one time in our instore makeovers and are washed each time and are still like brand new after 3 years!

It is truly worth the investment when you are ready!

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