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Tips on applying mineral organic makeup


To apply blush, tap small amount of powder onto a tissue or small plate and simply dip your kabuki or other brush into powder until the powder is in the brush hairs, tap the bottom so the minerals spread evenly into the hairs. You will not be able to see visible powder on the brush. Tap off excess so the powders nestle into the bristles. Begin buffing on your face in a circular motion. Start at the jaw line and work inward and upward, buff in well... forehead, eyes and nose. Think blend, blend while you are applying the makeup.


Apply the same as the blush. Use a very small amount forehead, nose, chin and shoulders as desired, swirling in a circular motion.


Dip your eyeliner brush into water and then into the powder and swirl on the back of your hand or in a container to create a creamy consistency, and then apply to the eyes. You can also mix water with the minerals first and then dip your brush into the cream.


Brush the shadow over your lids or in the crease of your lids for a contouring effect using an eyeshadow brush. You can apply the eyeshadows wet or dry. For wet, mix the powders with a touch of water and then apply to your lids for a different look. Some of the colors change slightly when wet, so create more colors and get more use out of the same product!! Use the eyeshadow as an eyeliner.


Our foundations are very easy to apply. Tap small amount onto tissue or small plate. Starting at the outer edge of your face near your jawline, begin buffing the foundation into your skin in a circular motion, applying some pressure. You don't want to begin at the center of your face, or the powders will get into your lines and creases. Continue applying LIGHT layers (heavy layers will look too cakey) until satisfactory coverage is reached.

Want to use a liquid foundation? Take a small amount of JAYDANCIN moisturizer cream such as Head to Toes or Healing Cream and place in palm, sprinkle small amount of powder into cream and mix...liquid foundation! Awesome! Many of our clients prefer to use the powder foundation mixed with the cream moisturizer for the extra smoothness...your choice! This is a great way for extra coverage!


Other Tips:

Use the Bronzer or Blush as an Eye Shadow. Eye Shadow can be applied as an eye liner using a wet thin liner brush. Makeup stays on all day feels light and looks natural.

To take makeup off, take a small amount Head to Toes or Healing Cream on pad or tips of fingers and gently massage onto eyes. Take warm wash cloth and wipe off. Feels great and nourishes your eyes and lashes.