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"A few week ago a friend of mine told me about these all natural products that she had been using for herself and her family. I was of course skeptical at first, but as the weeks past, I observed how her skin had begun to transform into glowing and radiant skin!

I researched your products and found that everything is plant based with absolutely no chemical or presevatives added. I found myself drawn to your product.

After purchasing a few items myself, I have never been more excited and proud to show my face!

Having been dealing with acne my entire life, your products have incredibly and quickly changed my face and skin!

I am a total supporter and now have my family using the soaps, lotions and various products as well!"

Thank You! Melanie


Advice & Resources

Greenpeace app

Greenpeace Canada launches its first Green Tissue Guide mobile application


At a glance, user can see whether their favourite brand is forest-friendly with a simple green, amber or red icon.

You can download the application or a paper version from:

Greenpeace Tuna Ranking

Greenpeace Canada's Canned Tuna sustainability Ranking


Evaluated on their effort to source equitable, ocean-friendly tuna, the companies' performances are then compared to see how each brand stacks up against its competitors.  Check out the list to help you, or tuna-loving friends and family, make greener choices for our oceans.



Details on Jaydancin ingredients

We are advocates for pure and natural. We work with local farmers/suppliers who organically grow and harvest or sometimes wild crafted the herbs which we use to make our products onsite. 

In this article we give you a quick 'snap-shot' of the properties behind these amazing natural ingredients used in our creams & why we use them. more

Tips on organic makeup application

To see the best possible results, learn more about the best way to use and apply mineral organic makeup. more

The Theory Behind Our Use of Plants

Learn about the theory behind our products and how we think about plants. more

What makes our products different from other "natural" products on the market?


What makes your product different than the other ‘natural products’ on the market? more

Which is better for a moisturizer -
Body Butter or Head to Toes?


Both Butters and our Head to Toes creams play a key role in moisturizing and nourishing the skin. However each serve a different purpose and moisturize in different ways because of their ingredients. more

How long can you keep our products on the shelf?


Our products are all natural so they expire sooner than commercially manufactured products. more

Why are handmade natural products good for your skin?


Why choose organic products over chemical based or commercially manufactured products? more

Can organic products help with rosacea?

Evidence abounds for the healing powers of handmade natural products, particularly when essential oils are included. more

What's so important about your process?

When herbs and other nutrient sensitive ingredients are prepared for natural products it's important to know how they are being prepared. more

What is Mineral Makeup - MAKEUP FROM THE EARTH?


Learn all about mineral makeup, why it's better and what it's made of. more

Making the switch - 7 steps to switching to organic


Are you having trouble making the switch to organic products. These 7 steps will help you in making the switch. more