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What's so important about your procsess?


When herbs and other nutrient ingredients are prepared for natural products it's important to know how they are being prepared.

Yes, it's very true. If the natural ingredients such as herbs are prepared in metallic vats or pots then the oils and some properties of the herbs are altered or removed because they react to the properties in the metals.

If you boil or microwave vegetables or herbs it will overheat your oils, you lose many (if not all) essential properties of the herbs and oils or worse, you could alter the original objective that was intended for the herbs and oils.

Not only is our products natural, but the process we use to make our creams is very traditional.

We use great care in preparing small batches in a slow traditional fashion so that no essential oils are lost due to high temperatures.

Extreme care is applied in every aspect from preparation, temperature control to the equipment we use.

We are mindful of every step to ensure that every product is the best!