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The Theory Behind the Use of Plants

The wild herbs and cultivated plants that have been used in the formulation of the majority of our products have been used based on the theory known as "The Doctrine of Signatures". 

The Doctrine of Signatures predates homeopathy and was already mentioned in the writings of Paracelsus von Hohenheim (1493 – 1541).

The Doctrine of Signatures was popularized by the writings of the German herbalist Jaskob Bohme (1575-1624). As a result of a vision, Jaskob wrote ‘Signatura Rerum; The Signature of All Things’. This espoused a spiritual philosophy but was soon adopted for medicinal applications. 

The Doctrine states that by observation one can determine from the colour of the flowers or roots, the shape of leaves, and place of growing, or other signatures, what the plant’s purpose was in God’s plan. 

Even though the Doctrine was a product of medieval alchemists and herbalists, a similar belief was held by Native Americans and Oriental cultures. Today there is still a similar belief among old-timers in the Appalachian region.


A brief synopsis of this theory :
Plant Appearance Use to your body
Heart Shaped Leaf Heart
Square Stem Nature's Diuretic
Fuzzy Lungs
Red Blood and Circulation
Yellow Bile and Digestion
White and Bitter Cleanses Liver
Deep Root Draws Minerals from the Soil


The remedy for a particular skin issue is found in the herbs and plants and the essential oils used in the recipes and formulations based on the Doctrine of Signatures. For example, the Deep Relief has ingredients such as cayenne, mustard, ginger which are all active ‘hot’ ingredients that will go to work for you in the cellular level to treat a particular ache or pain.

Know with confidence that the products you purchase from Jaydancin are made in Sparta, Ontario Canada and are pure.

Jaydancin products are supported with countless stories of success from users around the world.

Our products are never tested on animals, only our friends and family! We like to share the properties and foundation behind our products so that not only are you happy with the results, but understand why you get effective results...naturally.