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The Jaydancin Studio Phase 1 Grand Opening


Feturing local vendors, special VIP guests, $1,200 worth of giveaways and prizes, music, great food and NEW JAYDANCIN PRODUCTS.
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Skin Deep


When Vickie Balazs moved to London three years ago, it was with plans to retire. Instead she ended up experimenting with plants and healing formulas, leading her to launch a line of organic skin creams that she manufactures and more...

Makeup From The Earth

Annette Mellor, Yoga Instructor, Manager, Moksha Yoga London

Your skin looks great... you’re glowing...what have you been doing?” These are questions I’ve been asked quite often in the past few months, and the only thing I’ve been doing different is more...

Ingredient Watch - What are emollients?

Organic Lifestyles

Therapeutic healing creams are great to have around the house and office for those small emergencies that seem to happen all the time. This treatment cream is amazing for a variety of skin ailments. more...