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"Thanks for such an informative time in your shop. Even my husband was impressed. My eyes started feeling much better by the next morning after using the Healing Cream as you suggested that evening. Now, only three days later, the irritation seems to be gone"- Marilou M.~ St. Thomas

"I've been using my healing cream and the eczema has once again vanished just as it did when I borrowed cream from my mother. As a matter of fact, I had my annual physical today and my doctor asked whether the prescription cream she'd given me was working on it; I explained that I've been using an all-natural product from Canada. She actually wrote down the jaydancin name so maybe she'll pass it on to other patients. Next time I call in an order I'll be buying more than the healing cream. Your products (and customer service) can't be beat!!" -With best wishes and many thanks, Cindy B

"Shortly after I was introduced to Jaydancin's products I was in a car accident. The deep relief was amazing. I could really feel my muscles beginning to relax after the impact after applying the deep relief into the sore areas of my body. Also, I have suffered from eczema off and on for a number of years. I found that the healing cream relieved the itching right away. I am so grateful to you Vicki, keep up the good work!" - Gita S 



"The Healing Cream is amazing for diaper rash! thank you!" -J. V, Toronto, Ontario


"I play a lot of sports and carry the Deep Relief with me for my injuries and the Healing Cream for those cuts and scratches on the field. I am amazed with the results."- J. Vine, Toronto, Ontario 

Healing Cream

For bruising, scratches, psoriasis and eczema

Our signature cream is used world wide for eczema, psoriasis, severe dry skin, roseaca, acne, diaper rash, cuts, burns, wounds. Can also be used as a moisturizer and eye makeup remover.


Use as a moisturizer and for eczema, psoriasis, bruising, scratches, cuts, scars, cold sores, acne, rosacea. Our most famous signature cream, the Healing Cream has worked for hundreds of people across Canada and now across the world. 

The success of the Healing Cream is not in our marketing plan or an ad campaign, it has gained recognition through word of mouth. As with many of us, when we are frustrated and can't find anything that works and then we hear of a solution to our troubles, we can't wait to share such good news! We sincerely appreciate you sharing your success story with those you care about.

Ingredients: : Distilled Water with organic herb infusion:(burdock, yarrow, allheal, speedwell), Organic Sunflower Oil, Aloe Gel, Organic FlaxSeed Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Organic Hemp Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Directions: External Use Only - Apply Topically; Massage into Skin

Directions: External Use Only - Apply Topically; Massage into Skin

Shelf life: Remember, this is a natural product made with gentle, natural preservatives that help nourish your skin. Due to the use of organic flax seed oil we suggest a maximum of three months, stored at room temperature ( the cooler the better!), in a dry area and most importantly, as with any cream (chemicals or not), do not store in the bathroom (due to excessive moisture & bacteria). We suggest to store in the refrigerator if at all possible for maximum results.

Price: $23.00 Size: 40 ml

Price: $12.00 Size: 15 ml 

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