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"I've been using the Jaydancin products now for a few months and it is remarkable. Recently I've received many compliments on my skin. I seldom wear make-up, or when I do it's on the minimalist side, and three times in this last week I received compliments on my skin; all of which were from people I was meeting for the first time: so many people have told me that my face is glowing. I have been a walking advertisement for this since the first time I used it! It leaves your face feeling so clean and soft. . I've tried other products, and there is no comparison. Thank you for such a high quality product. I highly recommend this product like no other I have ever used." - Siobhan McGrenra, Yoga Instructor, Alberta

"I got a few compliments from people at work regarding my complexion and glowing skin...and it is from manly guys wanting to know what I have been using, too funny (I work with all men but one woman) I almost want to keep Jaydancin a secret all for myself!! but I love to pass on a great thing!!!" - Sarah K




"Wow, Vickie! -This stuff (Head to Toes) works!" -Caroline T. Salt Springs Island B.C.

Head to Toes Cream

An elegant all over moisturizer and eye makeup remover

Moisturize your body from your Head to your Toes! Our Head to Toes naturally rehydrates and helps to moisturize and nourish the skin. 

Because there is no alcohol or any type of chemicals in the Head to Toes, you will immediately notice the difference! 

The Head to Toes cream will take a couple of minutes to naturally absorb into the skin as opposed to using other products that will quickly evaporate due to the alcohol content and/or chemicals that can clog your pores and dry out your skin. 

Directions: External Use Only - Apply Topically; Massage into Skin. You can also use the Head to Toes Moisturizer as an "Eye Makeup Remover" Take a small amount on your finger or cotton pad, apply to eye area and massage. Notice that you will have ‘raccoon eyes’, now take a warm cloth and wipe off. Easy! No red eyes, does not burn and is good for your lashes!

Shelf life: Remember, this is a natural product made with gentle, natural preservatives that help nourish your skin. We suggest a maximum of three months, stored at room temperature, in a dry area and most importantly, as with any cream (chemicals or not), do not store in the bathroom (due to moisture & bacteria). We suggest to store in the refrigerator if at all possible for maximum results.

Moisturize your body from your head to your toes!

Ingredients: Distilled Water with organic herb infusion:(nettle, speedwell, calendula), Organic Sunflower Oil, Aloe Gel, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Organic Pumpkin Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Vitamin E


Price: $12.00 Size: 15 ml 

Price: $23.00 Size: 40 ml 

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