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Our products expire and we're proud of it!

At Jaydancin, we believe that to extend the shelf life of our products would mean applying higher temperatures in the production of our products for a longer period of time and/or the use of chemicals to artificially extend the shelf life.

Basically, for the herbs we use to work effectively - they don't like either.

Our skin cream products are recommended to be used within 3 months of purchase.

If you find our product in your cupboard (not in your bathroom! - the worst place for any cream) and it has been there for while, it will likely be discoloured (darker).

Because of the shelf life of the products, we choose to use the smaller package size.

We actually like to promote that our products do expire sooner and don't last for years.

In fact, to us, it would be similar to comparing the nutrient content of fresh vegetables to processed or preserved vegetables.

Our products are made with fresh ingredients with no chemicals preservatives whatsoever. Think of fresh bread, milk or fresh fruit and vegetables. Would you bake bread or a cake to last for a year? Think FRESH!!! Not SHELF LIFE!

It's important to understand that our creams are very concentrated and only a very small amount is needed for effective results.

Please note: our ingredient lists tells you ALL our ingredients. We don't tell you just the good stuff. It's all good stuff. For real.