Organic Skin Care

Customer Comments

"I have used both the healing cream and bath salts and love your products. I have lupus and try to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible generally covering up when outside and always using sunblock. Even so I get an unsightly rash on my arms and face which my dermatologist have prescribed medication for. The medication leaves behind traces of the rash so I have been using the healing cream at night prior to bed with great success. Thank you!!" - Sandy M,



Organic Exfoliators

Natural Organic Exfoliators you can feel the difference

Exfoliators help slough off dead cells to reveal a fresh layer of skin.

They also help your moisturizer and treatments to do a better job soaking into your skin.

Most exfoliating products contain chemicals that are very harsh on the skin. They can cause reddness and burning, often damaging the living healthy skin cells as well as taking away the dry dead cells..

At Jaydancin, we only offer organic exfoliators that use gentle organic plant ingredients to exfoliate the skin without causing irritation.

Test organic exfoliators and feel the difference!

Sea Salt Body Polish
Foot Scrub