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Customer Comments

"My 8 year old daughter and I both love the goat's milk soap also (very lathery and smells wonderful, too!) Thanks for the sample. Next time I call in an order I'll be buying more than the healing cream. Your products (and customer service) can't be beat!! With best wishes and many thanks." - Cindy B



Organic Skin Cleansers

Natural Organic Soaps from Jaydancin

Working with naturopaths, holistic centres and people with severe skin issues has led us in our research to discover that many skin conditions come from soap. 

Many soaps on the market today leave a film on the skin which causes the skin to feel  itchy, dry, flaky, tight and irritated.  

At Jaydancin we carefully select the best ingredients to use in our soaps. Our soap feels like silk, does not leave a residue/film on your skin and will moisturize enough to not feel dry, flaky, itchy and will NOT irritate your skin. It is recommended to use a moisturizer to protect your skin.

Please drop in our store for a sample or ask for a sample to be included with your next order so you can test it out for yourself!  We love to share!

If  your skin is dry or irritated, carefully review the ingredients in the soap you are using.  It's sometimes just that simple.  - Our philosophy is if you can’t pronounce or understand the ingredients listed on the products, perhaps it’s time to try a natural plant based product that addresses the needs of the skin.

We believe that our soap is one of the finest lathering, gentle, natural soaps on the market today!  Try it and see for yourself!

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