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Which is better for a moisturizer - Body Butter or Head to Toes?

Both Butters and our Head to Toes creams play a key role in moisturizing and nourishing the skin. However each serve a different purpose and moisturize in different ways because of their ingredients.

The simplest way to understand the purpose of a Body Butter is to understand that it is made of only natural oils with no waters added to it.

These natural oils protect the skin from the outside elements, nourish and keep natural moisture in by providing a layer of oils on top of the skin. 

Body Butter is best used when the skin is wet, such as after a shower.

Our Head to Toes cream also moisturizes the skin but in this product spring water is added to the ingredients providing the "moisture:"

When the cream is applied directly to the skin the moisture will be absorbed more quickly due to using lesser amounts of natural oils. This is why you may use a moisturizer repeatedly during the day.

Unlike commercial products there are no alcohols or chemicals in the Head to Toes that can leave your skin dry. You will immediately notice the difference to your skin!

Because there are no alcohols or chemicals it will take a couple of minutes to let the Head to Toes cream naturally absorb into the skin. A product that has alcohols or chemicals will quickly evaporate as soon as you apply the cream, thus drying out your skin!