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"A few week ago a friend of mine told me about these all natural products that she had been using for herself and her family. I was of course skeptical at first, but as the weeks past, I observed how her skin had begun to transform into glowing and radiant skin!

I researched your products and found that everything is plant based with absolutely no chemical or presevatives added. I found myself drawn to your product.

After purchasing a few items myself, I have never been more excited and proud to show my face!

Having been dealing with acne my entire life, your products have incredibly and quickly changed my face and skin!

I am a total supporter and now have my family using the soaps, lotions and various products as well!"

Thank You! Melanie


Advice & Resources

7 Steps to Switching to Organic Makeup Products

Seeking change to green products that are pure and clean is worth your time and investment. you are making a difference in your life, your family and the environment. When you have your health, you have everything! What are you waiting for? Start today!

Feel good about it!

The first step is to feel good about making the decision to switch to organic products.

Congratulate yourself that you are aware and seeking change!

Take it slowly.

Start with one or just a few things that you want to change that are pure and clean. Throw out your chemical filled cosmetics as you gradually replace them with natural products.

Do your homework.

Go to websites such as Keep seeking answers.

Trust your intuition.

Does the information make sense to you or is it clever marketing?

Understand the ingredients.

Can you read the ingredients on the products you buy? Do you understand what they are?

Think about using a patch.

Every time you apply skin care products or makeup think about how some people use a patch to medicate themselves. A patch works because it sits on your skin and directs chemicals directly into your bloodstream. In the same manner everything you put on your skin including your makeup and skin care products goes directly into your bloodstream. In the end, be cautious which products you apply to your skin..

Think about brake fluid.

This is another visual aid to help you make the switch. Think about brake fluid. Now think about applying that brake fluid to your skin. Another name for brake fluid is propylene glycol and this exact ingredient is very popular in products today. Go to for more information to learn about harmful ingredients in products.